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Land of the Lustrous Season 2 Expected Release Date, Plot Details

CGI animes aren’t generally preferred by watchers at all because many take it as “an easy way out” for the anime. However, the series “Houseki no Kuni” or “Land of the Lustrous” was a sensation among the fans and was loved by many viewers. From manga to animation, the makers have shown their creativity with each character’s design and animation. So will there be Land Of The Lustrous Season 2? What will be in its next season? Keep on reading to know.

Manga Status Of The Anime

Produced by studio Orange, the 12 episodes of Land of the Lustrous anime adaptation began airing on October 7th, 2017, and aired till December 23rd, 2017. LOTL anime is based on the manga which was originally written and illustrated by Haruko Ichikawa. It was published on October 25th, 2012, and it hasn’t ended yet. So far the manga has completed 10 volumes and 95 chapters among which only 36 are adapted into the anime till the  “New Purpose Arc.” This means that the creators of the series still have more than 50 chapters left to adapt. They can use the content from these chapters in order to create Land Of The Lustrous Season 2. 

Will There Be Land Of The Lustrous Season 2?

The studio has done a remarkable job with the animation. The series also won many awards

like VFX Japan awards 2018, the “Excellence and Best ” in CG category, and also bagged the “Best CGI” award in Anime awards 201. Not only that but it also got several other awards and nominations in different events. The series was well-received by critics and watchers alike.

In its MAL group, 150k members upvoted this anime and helped it reach a score of 8.40. It is ranked #162 in ratings and #474 on the popularity poll. The fact that a lot of content is still left uncovered increases the possibility of the renewal of Land Of The Lustrous for Season 2. Also, it would be a total waste if the makers dropped this series. Hence, the chances of this Houseki no Kuni getting a renewal is very high. 

What Might Happen Next? Season 2 Plot Details!

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The story of LOTL follows Phos (Phosphophyllite), a Gem who lives in an alternate future timeline. The world here is destroyed by six meteors, apart from one island that is surrounded by ocean. There are 28 Gems, who are chased by ‘Lunarians’ named beings. Lunarians hunt Gems as they want them to turn them into accessories. All Gems are assigned a specific role to play in their community, such as fighter, medic, weapon-smith, etc. Phos was given no assignment due to a lack of skills. However, soon the leader of the Gems, Kongo, asks Phos to make a natural history encyclopedia. In the end, fans saw Phos confronting Lunarians and facing Cinnabar for the first time. Realizing that Cinnabar dislikes their job as much as Phos, she promises that she’ll discover a proper job for both of them. 

Now Land Of The Lustrous Season 2 will likely continue from chapter 37 “Caringrom Arc” where Phos is riddled with guilt. Here the Quartz is taken by a Lunarian. Gems and Phos will continue their journey and their fight with the Lunarians in the second season

Release date

As we know, makers still have 59 chapters left uncovered which is more than enough for a single season. Though the announcement for the Land Of The Lustrous Season 2 hasn’t arrived yet. It is said to be delayed because of the pandemic. The creators and studio of the series will likely provide an update by mid-2022. If this happens, the series won’t take much time to return to the screens and might release in early 2023.

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