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Will Lance N’Masques Return for Season 2 After Poor Reception?

Lances N’Masques is one of those shows which looks less like anime and more like a warm fairytale. It is a story of a hero and a little girl. Lance N’Masques is a rollercoaster of emotions and features everything from cries to laughter, and action to drama. There is a pinch of everything in the series.

However, six years have passed, and there is still no news on Lance N’Masques Season 2. So, what are the creators’ thoughts and the reason behind such a long pause, and what is the possibility for the sequel? Continue reading to know. 

Light Novel and Anime

Lances N’Masques is an original Light novel series written by Hideaki Koyasu & illustrated by Shino. It was published by Pony Canyon. The LN has collected 9 volumes from December 3rd, 2013 to August 17th, 2018.

There is a manga adaptation of a single volume named Lance N’Masques -inside PLUS- as well. It is written and illustrated by SakiRyo and published by Pony Canyon, from June 2014 to September 2015.

On April 28th, 2014, Studio Gokumi announced an anime adaptation of the LN via its official Twitter handle. The 12 episode series was directed by Kyōhei Ishiguro and composed by Hideaki Koyasu. It ran from October 1st, 2015 to December 17th, 2015. The first season used less than half of the content of the LN series and hence the makers still have more than enough to use in the second season. 

Will There Be Lances N’Masques Season 2?

The series was like an average anime series that didn’t have much impact on the viewers. Also, the character design of this series put off the fans a bit. The anime followed many cliches and fans lost their interest promptly. Lance N’Masques was rated 5.50 by 17k users on its MAL group and was ranked #10422 overall and #2643 on the popularity poll. These numbers clearly show why the creators put the series on hold for 6 years.

Plot Details 

The story of Lance N’masques follows Youtarou Hanabusa, who wants nothing but a normal life. However, in the world of Knights and Magicians, he suffers from a weird condition called “White Knight Syndrome” where he can’t overlook someone in danger. So, he always keeps a mask with him in order to keep his identity a secret. But one day, he finds a noble girl named Makio Kidouin, and his life changes forever.

Now, he lives as Makio’s Knight as well as Masked Hero. He has to protect her from lingering dangers, and scheming enemies and try again to find a normal life at last.

Release Date

So far, the studio has not provided any update on the second season of Lance N’Masques. Studio Golkumi has also kept fans waiting for the sequels of other series. This studio has also troubled the fans over the series Seiren Season 2 which was loved and had a good response from the fans. 

But, since the reception and response of Lance N’Masques wasn’t enough, the chances for it to return are very less. It seems like the creators canceled the show without any official announcement. If the fans don’t get any update on the sequel in the upcoming months, then they better forget this show.

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