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Knight’s & Magic Season 2, Expected Release Date, Plot Details

Isekai and Mecha, both these genres that are among the pillars of the anime world and have a separate fan base. Knight’s & Magic was one of the series that featured a blend of both these popular genres and became successful. The series had so many interesting and engaging aspects that fans have declared it as one of the best shows of the Mecha Genre. The 13-episode first season wasn’t enough for everyone, and now they want to see more episodes. Will there be Knight’s & Magic Season 2? Keep on reading to get all the latest details regarding the sequel.

Manga Status Of The Anime

Knight’s & Magic is originally a novel written by Hisago Amazake-no. It was published on Shousetsuka ni Narou on October 16, 2010, and is still being continued with 10 volumes. The series received a Light Novel adaptation as well. It was illustrated by Kurogin and has completed a total of 10 volumes. After that, it got a manga adaptation by Takuji Kato, published by Square Enix. Its serialization started on April 15, 2016, and has published 15 volumes so far.

With the popularity of this series increasing everywhere, studio 8BIT announced an anime adaptation for the series. The studio used the first seven volumes while making the debut season of Knight’s & Magic. The pacing was way too fast, but it was still enjoyable. Fortunately, the manga has released fifteen volumes and that means Studio 8BIT still has enough volumes to use in Knight’s & Magic Season 2.

Will There Be Knight’s & Magic Season 2? 

Knight’s & Magic Characters

Despite being criticized a bit for the little anticlimactic ending, K&M managed to finish well and put the fans in a relaxed spot with a passive end with no cliffhanger. However, its fast pacing did affect its ratings and critical reception. The show is rated  7.1 by 103K members MAL and is ranked #861 on the popularity poll. As we previously mentioned, there is enough content for the second season. Therefore, the fans can expect to see Knight’s & Magic Season 2 very soon. Now, they only have to wait for the makers to give it a green signal. 

Plot Details

The story of Knight’s & Magic follows Tsubasa Kurata, who was transported to a fantasy world after a car accident. In that world, Kurata was reborn as Ernesti Echevarria in a noble family in the Fremmevilla Kingdom. Ernesti was a Software Engineer and was Mecha Otaku in his previous life. Hence, this world turns out to be a gold mine for him as there are robots called Silhouette Knights who fight demons. As a result, he took admission to an elite magic institution to improve the magical powers that he received in this world in order to create a Knight of his own.

At the end of the season, fans saw Ernesti winning the war and bringing peace to the world. The ending was easygoing which upset many fans. Also, the deaths were taken very lightly and there was no compassion in the protagonist. Now in Knight’s & Magic Season 2, viewers might witness a new war arc and a new Knight by Ernesti. The anime might continue to follow the manga faithfully and might use the content till its 14th volume in the next season.

Knight’s & Magic Season 2: Release date

There are no updates on the renewal of the series by the creators and studio so far. There are speculations that the makers have been waiting to collect enough source material. And since now they have it, next season can be announced anytime soon. So, if this happens in the initial months of 2022, Knight’s & Magic Season 2 will release in 2023.

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