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Isekai Ojisan: Anime’s New Visual, Expected Release Date

Isekai is surely one of the most popular genres of the anime industry. However, it is quite rare to see reverse Isekai anime series, but it is not that rare in the manga. The problem is that most of those mangas fail to impress or fulfill the main requirements for the adaptation, and hence they are overlooked by fans and creators. But, Isekai Ojisan, also known as Uncle From Another World, manages to leave an impact on manga readers and now it is finally getting a well-deserved anime adaptation. 

There is already a huge buzz around the internet ever since the anime’s announcement and fans just can’t wait to see their favorite “not so superhero uncle” on the screens. So, when will Uncle From Another World premiere? Keep on reading to know all the details of the Isekai Ojisan series. 

New Key Visual, Cast & Staff

Isekai Ojisan NEW KEY VISUAL
Credit: Isekai Ojisan official website

On June 25, 2021, Kadokawa announced the anime adaptation of the manga titled Isekai Ojisan. Later on December 23, 2021, the main cast & staff was revealed. It has also been announced that the anime would be produced by the studio Atelier Pontdarc and the makers released a key visual for the upcoming anime series as well.

The main cast of the series is as follows:-

  • Ojisan:- Takehito Koyasu 
  • Fujimiya:- Mikako Komatsu 
  • Mabel:- Aoi Yuuki 
  • Takafumi:- Jun Fukuyama 
  • Alicia:- Aki Toyosaki 
  • Elf:- Haruka Tomatsu 

The main crew and staff of the series is as follows:-

  • Director:-Shigeki Kawai
  • Series Composition, Script:- Kenta Ihara 
  • Character Design, Chief Animation Director:- Kazuhiro Oota 

Uncle From Another World: Manga Series

Isekai Ojisan is an original comedy isekai manga series written & illustrated by Hotondoshindeiru. It was first serialized on June 29, 2018, on Kadokawa Shoten’s manga app and website named ComicWalker online.

The series had a total of 6 volumes and it managed to sell more than 1.5 million copies by June 2021. The series is widely famous in Japan and has already grabbed many titles. It was ranked eighth on the 2019 Next Manga Awards in the digital category, Then, in the 2020 edition of the Kono Manga ga Sugoi! guidebook, the series managed to get the eleventh rank.

Uncle From Another World manga series has also faced some criticism for its character design and art, but it is also a part of the business. It did provide limelight to the series and the manga had what it takes to get on the side of the fans, and hence it received an anime adaptation. 

Isekai Ojisan: Plot Details

The story of Isekai Ojisan follows a guy named Takafumi. His uncle fell into a coma 17 years ago. But one fine day a miracle happened and he opened his eyes again. This time, he is back like a man risen from his grave. Takafumi decides to help his uncle to catch up to the 17 years gap, and surprise him by unraveling the beauty of technology to him. However, his uncle shocked him by revealing that for the last 17 years, he was actually in another world as a magical Guardian & still has some magic powers. The plot of Uncle From Another World is quite hilarious and amazing. It has several good characters, a pinch of romance, well-written fantasy, which makes it perfect for an anime adaptation. 

Release Date

Fans have to wait a little bit more to see the series on the screen. First, there will be some promotional events by the cast and then the makers will release official PVs that will cover up the next few months. But the good thing is that the makers have already announced Isekai Ojisan would release in 2022. Therefore, fans can anticipate its premiere episode to air in the second half of next year.

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