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Idol Incidents Season 2: Can Anime Series Return for Another Season?

Saving the world with music and dance? You can’t save the world by having fun! But the anime Idol Incidents has taken up this challenge and won the peace for everyone!

Not just anime fans but everyone loves music, so the Idol Jihen series is something that doesn’t discriminate and promises entertainment and fun to all!

But 12 episodes of Idol Incidents was a very short journey for both anime and music fans. The show needs to return with a fresh new look and story. But, is there any chance that Idol Jihen will return for season 2?

Manga & Anime

The series is a multimedia project by Mages company. It was announced as Project Idol Incidents on June 30th, 2014.

The media series started as a manga which was written & illustrated by Coco Natsuki & published by Kadokawa Shoten. It has collected 2 volumes and 13 chapters during its run from July 30th, 2016 to August 30th, 2017.

The series also has a smartphone game for IOS and Android, It was developed and published by HarvesT on October 21st, 2016. However, after a year of running, the series servers were taken down on 31st October in 2017.

On September 26th, 2016, the official anime adaptation of Idol Jihen was announced by the Mages production company. The series was directed by Daisuke Yoshida & written by Soutarou Hayashi & Sumino Kawashima. It was produced by studio MAPPA & Studio VOLN and ran for 12 episodes from January 8th, 2017 to March 27th, 2017. This run exhausted all the source material from the manga series.

Will There Be Idol Incidents Season 2?

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Despite featuring some entertaining content, the anime failed to get high ratings. It has a rating of 5.67 & is ranked #9871 overall & #4849 on the popularity poll on MyAnimeList. The series’ story, animation, music, and dance were appreciated by critics as it was good for the Idol anime.  But, it lacked the most important thing, the audience.

From the beginning itself, the series did not catch on with the fans. Although, the series’ main goal was to promote music CDs and events for the Idol groups. Idol Jihen managed to make some loyal fans thanks to its good music, but that was not enough for the production house to venture into another season.

However,, if these fans continue to demand Idol Incidents Season 2, then creators might consider renewing the show. Still, the chances for renewal are very less, as there are very few idol shows that manage to get a sequel. 

Plot Details

The story of Idol Jihen follows seven Idol groups: The Heroine Party, Sunlight Party, Starlight Party, Bishoujo Party, Wakaba Party, Subculture New Party, and SOS Party. They are National Diet Members and representatives for seven prefectures of Japan.

Their goal is to uncover and eradicate all the corruption, climate issues, and many different problems which have become unbearable in current Japan. These idol groups have decided to bring peace and happiness back to Japan in the grandest and cutest way. By the end of this anime, all the idols in their respective elections by the end of the series, and no fan could’ve asked for a better ending. 

Idol Incidents Season 2: Release date

Idol Incidents is yet to be canceled officially by the makers. However, it has already been almost five years since the release of its first season. Now, the series needs some great event success and some good profits from the merchandise, and a lot of demand for makers to think about Idol Incident Season 2. Even if everything does fall in place, we can only expect some updates in 2023 or later.

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