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Hinamatsuri Season 2: Will Anime Return? Release Date, Plot!

Four years is a long time to wait for any TV series. It is quite difficult to engage the fandom for this long. However, there are some anime series whose demand only increases with time. One such show is titled Hinamatsuri which premiered back in 2018. It has been more than four years, but Hinamatsuri fans are still waiting for any sign of its sequel from the makers.

Hinamatsuri came as a treat for the lovers of comedy and supernatural genres  The debut season was a hit and garnered a lot of positive reviews from viewers and critics alike. It was a perfect blend of these two tropes, and its slice-of-life elements were just the cherry on the cake.

The 12-episode series made its debut on April 6, 2018, whereas its final episode aired on June 22 of the same year. The anime is adapted from the manga series of the same title by author Masao Otake. 

Throughout its run, the show gained a humongous fan base who are consistently looking for Hinamatsuri Season 2. However, there have been no signs of the sequel for these past four years. So, will Nina and Yoshifumi ever return to the screens with the new season of this anime series? Keep on reading to know the answer. 

Manga & Anime

Hinamatsuri is a seinen manga series which is written by Masao Otake and it was serialized in Enterbain’s magazine Harta, which was formerly known as Fellows. One Peace Books licensed this manga which ended after releasing 19 tankobon volumes. It ran for an entire decade as it started on June 15, 2010, and concluded on July 15, 2020. 

Studio Feel decided to adapt this manga into an anime series and released a 12-episode anime show which aired from April to June 2018. The series got a license from both Crunchyroll and Funimation. Hinamatsuri’s debut season covered the events from the first nine volumes of the manga. Therefore, Feel still has content from the remaining ten volumes which they can use to produce the sequel. 

There is no shortage of source material when it comes to Hinamatsuri Season 2. If the show ever gets renewed then the makers can start by adopting the 10th volume and provide a proper conclusion to the series by adapting the 19th volume of the manga series. 

Hinamatsuri Season 2: Will it Return?

The debut season of this seinen drama received an amazing response from everyone. Good ratings and favorable reviews almost convinced everyone that Hinamatsuri would return for another run. However, this hasn’t been the case so far. 

Hinamatsuri is rated 8.16 on MAL by more than 225K users. Its overall rank on the platform is 370 whereas it is ranked at #409 when it comes to popularity. These numbers are certainly impressive and convincing enough for anyone to make another installment. The show was praised for its interesting storyline, great characters, and flawless animation. 

Hinamatsuri amine characters

You would be surprised to know that Hinamatsuri is one of the most profitable productions of Feel studios. It was quite successful, and hence the makers might receive backlash from the fans for canceling the show without giving it a proper conclusion. There is a possibility that the studio might be formulating a plan for the successful return of the series.

Also, in the anime industry, we can never say never. So, the chances are still good that Hinamatsuri Season 2 will hit the screens sometime soon. Now the fans just have to be a bit more patient and wait for an official announcement from the makers. 

Plot Details

The story of Hinamatsuri follows a mid-level Yakuza named Yoshifumi Nitta. Soon his life turned upside down when a girl named Hina unexpectedly appeared at his place. Hina wasn’t a normal girl as she has telekinetic powers. Unfortunately, Hina lost control of her powers and unleashed an explosion. It sets off a chain reaction of events which forces Nitta to become her caretaker. 

The strange life of this unusual duo began when Hina saved Nitta from a Yakuza group who attacked their boss. Yoshifumi Nitta realized that Hina can become a valuable asset to his yakuza business and hence, he aligned himself with her. However, soon more girls from the future begin to arrive in the city in order to retrieve Hina. 

Now according to the spoilers, Hinamatsuri Season will likely feature a three-year time gap. Hina will join high school and start to work somewhere as a part-time employee. Nitta will relocate along with Hina as a father and daughter duo to a new area. 

Hinamatsuri Season 2: Release Date

Currently, there is no saying when the makers of this show will return with another installment. Usually, it takes around a year and a half for any anime show to be animated and produced. So, if the second season of this seinen anime receives a green light from the makers later this year, then there is a possibility that HInamatsuri Season 2 will hit the screens in early 2024. 

We promise to update this section as soon as the creators make any official announcements. Till then stay tuned with GossipsHub.

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