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Reincarnated as a Pig LN’s Anime Adaptation Announced

Every year there is always one anime that catches everyone’s attention in a very weird way, and next year it will be an anime titled “Reincarnated as a Pic.” As the title suggests, it is a love story about a person getting an isekai as a pig.

Yes! You read that right, the upcoming anime adaptation of the series named Heat the Pig Liver or Reincarnated as a Pig came up with this hilarious idea, and hence this has caught the interest of many anime viewers who have already seen series similar to this one.

There are also several peculiar manga series like this such as Reincarnated as a Sword, or A Shark even The Vending Machine has entertained fans. However, pulling off an anime adaptation is a big feat and now fans have some high expectations from this show.

So what is the plot of Heat the Pig Liver or Reincarnated as a Pig and when will it be released? Continue reading to know.

Anime Announcement, Staff & Cast

On 11, December 2021, during the live-streamed Dengeki Bunko Winter Festival, it was announced that Takuma Sakai’s Heat the Pig Liver light novel series will get a television anime adaptation.

The official website of the LN & Kadokawa released an Illustrative PV on YouTube. The PV featured an introduction of the series, lead cast update, and main characters. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka voiced the Pig and Tomori Kusunoki voiced Jess.

As of now, there is no announcement for the additional cast and main staff but it could be made later in the next few months.

Heat The Pig Liver: Light Novel

Heat the Pig Liver, aka Buta no Reba wa Kanetsu Shiro, is an original light novel series written by Takuma Sakai and illustrated by Asagi Tosaka. It was published by ASCII Media Works, and the series is still ongoing. Furthermore, the series won the gold prize in the 26th Dengeki Novel Prize in 2019 as an entry that led to both LN and manga adaptations. There is a manga adaptation for the series as well that is illustrated by Minami and was published by ASCII Media Works.

Reincarnated as a Pig: Plot Details

Reincarnated as a Pig featured an Isekai setting, where a hardcore otaku passed out while eating the raw liver of a pig. After that, he finds himself in a barn where he is rescued by a young girl named Jess. She is a maid at a Noble-Household, and she possesses a magical collar that allows her to read the minds of others. With the help of this power, she can also communicate with the Pig.

They both decide to travel to the kingdom’s capital and ask the king to turn the pig into a human again, and this journey marks the beginning of a new adventure for them.

Reincarnated as a Pig: Release Date

The anime adaptation of the series has just been announced and there is still no official information on its cast and staff. So, the makers would first announce the cast and studio and only they will reveal its release window along with the PV. Still, there is a good possibility that Reincarnated as a Pig will be released in Fall 2022. 

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