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Ex-Arm Season 2: Will The Anime Series Return?

3DCG is said to be a nemesis for anime fans, why? Watchers all over the world prefer expressive and smooth animation with a load of awesome graphics. In the anime world, the better the graphics are the more attention it grasps.

For Example, the Fate series & Demon Slayer, the biggest reason these series were a hit is its god-tier animation. That’s why 3DCG anime are very rare in the fanbase. Ex-Arm is also one of those anime that was eroded and sadly got so much hate because of it.

But it’s not like the series was a blunder from the start as the manga series has done very well. So can this anime redeem itself with Ex-Arm Season 2? Read to know more.

Manga & Anime

The series first began as the original manga named Ex-Vita written & illustrated by Shinya Komi & published by Shueisha. It ran from December 13th, 2011 to April 30th, 2013, and collected 2 volumes & 12 chapters.

Later, the series got a spin-off manga adaptation named Ex-Arm, written by HiRock & illustrated by Shinya Komi. The series collected 14 volumes & 98 chapters, from February 18th, 2015 to June 26th, 2019. There is also a novel titled EX-ARM the Novel Deus Ex Machina written by Atarou Kumo, which was published on December 19th, 2018.

In December 2018, Shinya Komi announced that the manga Ex-Arm will be adopted as anime. It was produced by Studio Visual Flight, & directed by Yoshikatsu Kimura. The series ran for 12 episodes from January 11th, 2021 to March 29, 2021. The anime exhausted most of the content and left nothing for Ex-Arm Season 2. 

Will There Be Ex-Arm Season 2?


All of the anime watchers around the world have taken a look at the series, and it’s quite famous, but not in a good way. The series has taken brutal criticism and was ridiculed over the internet all around the world for its animation.

The studio has seemed to do very sleazy work on 3D modeling and was filled with motion blurs & these are just a few of the major issues. The series became a laughing stock and now is being used as an example of bad animation, which is quite sad for both authors and creators.

On MAL, the series has a very poor rating of 2.95 out of 10, which is enough to convince how dire the situation of the anime is, Not to mention that even the series trailer has the like and dislike ratio was 1:9  on YouTube (that is 10% likes & 90% dislikes). Hence, the chances for Ex-Arm Season 2 to happen are very close to none. 

Plot Details

The story of Ex-Arm follows Akira Natsume. Despite having a knack for electrical engineering, he feared electrical devices for some reason. After deciding that he would change his lame self for good, he finds a girlfriend for himself. However, he died in an infamous truck accident.

16 years later, Akira somehow regains consciousness but as an active AI & superweapon called Ex-Arm. He was brought by a policewoman and her android partner to direct their ship. Now this unusual gang of three has to look out for each other as well as uncover some dark truths about the current world.

The series’ most important part is its ending. But unfortunately, Ex-Arm anime missed that. Akira & Alma sacrificed themselves for the sake of the people. In the manga, their sacrifice was quite sad but in the anime, there were no emotions or whatsoever that could make the series worth remembering as a sad anime.

Ex-Arm Season 2: Release Date

Fans now have gotten the idea why Ex-Arm Season 2 is almost impossible. It’s not the first time that 3DCG has ruined a good story. So, fans who are expecting a second season, should not get their hopes very high. It was the first-ever anime work of studio Visual Flight, & the staff was very inexperienced too, which led to the demise of the series. On top of that, it also exhausted canon manga, so no studio who is looking for a good earning series will ever pick the series as an original anime. Also, Crunchyroll has dropped the series out of production so it’s already as good as canceled. So, unfortunately, fans have to say goodbye to the anime Ex-Arms forever.

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