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Dimension W Season 2: Will Anime Series Return after 6 Years?

Dimension W was the most underrated anime of 2016. Its action & Seinen theme made this show a must-watch & a binge-worthy series. Though the series was not able to grasp the spotlight. It happened because it came out with some of the most anticipated anime such as Konosuba, Assassination Classroom season 2, Gate, Ajin & Erased. All these series dominated the stage, and Dimension W was overwhelmed by them. 

But, some otakus still watched this show, and since then they have been praised it. They think that the anime deserves a continuation in order to prove how amazing it actually is. So, is there any chance for the renewal of Dimension W Season 2? Read to know more.

Manga & Anime

Dimension W is an original manga series, written and & illustrated by Iwahara Yuji, and serialized by Young Gangan. It started publishing on September 16th, 2011 and ran till June 25th, 2019. The manga ended after releasing 16 volumes and 116 chapters.

On June 3rd, 2015 at Anime Expo, the FUNimation panel announced the anime adaptation of the manga. The anime series was directed by Kanta Kamei & produced in collaboration with Studio 3Hz & Studio Orange. It aired from 10th January 2016 to 27th March 2016 and ended after releasing 12 episodes and one OVA. 

The first season ended close to 50 chapters with an alternate ending connected to the lake arc. So, the makers still have more than enough chapters to make Dimension W Season 2.

Will There Be Dimension W Season 2?

Every episode of the anime’s first season was well appreciated by fans & critics. The animation, character design, world background- everything was top-notch, and it helped make Dimension W a sensational anime of Winter 2016. The series got the rating of 7.20 scored by more than 125k members still on its MAL group and is ranked #2895 overall  & #669 on the popularity poll.

These numbers are enough to prove this show certainly deserves a continuation. However, there hasn’t been any update about continuation or cancellation for 5 years. But the good thing is that the anime is quite popular and featured a good storyline. Hence, there is always a chance for it to get Dimension W Season 2 in near future. 

Plot Details

Yurizaki Mira Dimension W

The story of this show follows Kyouma Mabuchi, a veteran militant who doesn’t believe in Coil-technology. It is a device that harnesses the special and powerful energy from the newly discovered “Dimension W.” The new technology has led to new and more dangerous crime. Kyouma is a bounty hunter who hunts the criminal with such a background.

He meets Mira Yurizaki, an android with a connection to the “father” of coils. A series of mysterious events started to unfold and they both joined hands together to set out on a dangerous adventure.

The series lives up to its Seinen setting with possible outcomes of a battle. The loser died and Mira got his heart back. Everything went peaceful but it was just like another chapter of a long novel. There are still many more dangerous criminals, with a hideous psyche in the manga that stirs up a new story for Dimension W Season 2.

Sequel’s Release Date

There is the possibility of a sequel to Dimension W, but it will not come around soon. Both the studios are busy with their own projects, and they don’t want to take any chances especially when their hands are full. But, there is a possibility that they officially announce the future of this series by the end of this year. If the announcement comes, then the anime might return in late 2023.

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