Akame Ga Kill- What are Differences in Anime & Manga Endings?

Akame Ga Kill is one of the most popular animanga series. It received a great reception from fans worldwide, but its fanbase is divided into two different groups. The first one is the group that is in support of the manga’s ending whereas the second one likes the ending of the anime. Akame Ga Kill is not the only show which alters from the manga’s ending. But, the changes made in anime were a bit extreme, and hence, the story lost its essence.

So, what are the major differences between the endings of Akame Ga Kill manga and anime, and what happened in the end? Read below to check all the details.

Akame Ga Kill Manga & Anime

Akame Ga Kill is a shonen, dark fantasy manga series that started publishing on March 20, 2010. The series met its conclusion after six years on December 22, 2016. Its authors Takahiro and Tetsuya Tashiro provided a satisfactory ending to the manga in its fifteenth volume which was loved and appreciated by many.

On the other hand, the Akame Ga Kill anime series premiered on July 7, 2014. It was produced by Square Enix and ran for a total of 24 episodes. Its series finale aired on December 15, 2014, and the ending shocked most of the fans.

What Happened in the Anime?


Akame Ga Kill anime series’ final few episodes featured some deaths that shocked everyone to their core. The backstories of these characters were on point and they were having a good character development until they lost their life. Two of the most important characters (Mine and Tatsumi) died before the end of the story. Mine lost his life in the 21st episode of the series whereas Tatsumi got killed in the penultimate episode.

Many fans felt that the final few episodes of the anime were rushed as they didn’t even give them the chance to mourn their favorite character’s death. It was just one death after another. However, these deaths helped Akame fight Esdeath without showing any mercy, and it kind of work in her favor. In the end, Akame managed to beat Esdeath after a hard-fought battle. The goal was accomplished and the anime was concluded without any open ends.

Akame Ga Kill Manga Ending

The best thing about the manga is that none of the pointless deaths took place in it and maintained the true essence of the story. Mine was very much alive by the end of the manga. However, she was in a coma but she made Tatsumi believe that she would come back for him. In the epilogue, it was confirmed that both of them spend the rest of their lives together.

Tatsumi, who had a pointless death in the anime, was also alive in the manga’s ending. He had a happy ending where he got to return to his village. However, in the ending moments, Tatsumi transformed into a dragon. Likewise, Kurome didn’t die as well. Not only that, but he also faced the consequences of his actions.

Also, in the anime Leone was killed by PM Honest. However, in the manga, Leone pushed the dictator in an angry mob and punished him for his sins.

Major Differences Between Akame Ga Kill Manga & Anime

Tatsumi and Mine were alive in the manga whereas they were killed in the anime. Shikoutazer has the same name but a bit different appearance. In the anime, PM Honest killed Leone when he was trying to murder him. Mine wasn’t in commission by the end of the anime. Besides this, the Akame Ga Kill anime series skipped one of the most interesting arcs titled “The Wild Hunt Arc.”

The fans also believed that the manga provided a better closure to Akame’s story. In the ending moments of the manga, he left for the land of the East. However, in the anime, she went to a distant land. Overall, the anime and manga were quite different but overall, the series was quite enjoyable.

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